July 22, 2014

PENDOPHARM Unveils its new Tagline and Website


Logo PendopharmPENDOPHARM is a rapidly growing and independent pharmaceutical company that focuses on commercializing a portfolio of specialty prescription (Rx) products as well as an established range of over-the-counter (OTC) and behind-the-counter (BTC) products.

Strategically committed to growth, we now actively engage in licensing, developing and marketing late-stage prescription products as well as consumer brands.
Our experienced team of people is dedicated to “going the extra mile” to support the medical community, partners and patients.

As part of our focus and direction, Pendopharm proudly unveils its new tagline and website.

Challenging convention takes courage, commitment and above all, an open mind. Better yet: an entire company of open minds, working hand-in-hand with health care professionals, pharmacists and patients.


We invite you to navigate through our new website and we hope that you will find it as informative as we enjoyed creating it.