September 18, 2014

OLEXTM (20mg omeprazole delayed-release tablets) – A new option for Canadians suffering from frequent heartburn


Pendopharm, is pleased to announce the launch of OLEXTM (omeprazole delayed-release tablets), the first and only non-prescription proton pump inhibitor (PPI) available in Canada for the treatment of frequent heartburn, i.e. heartburn that occurs two or more days a week. Since a quarter of Canadian adults suffer from heartburn at least once a day, this is important news. Up to now, PPIs, widely recognized as being the most efficacious treatment of heartburn, were only available through prescription in Canada. OLEXTM offers consistent and effective acid control providing daytime and night time heartburn relief for millions of Canadian sufferers.

An effective non-prescription treatment
OLEX (omeprazole delayed-release tablets) is an important new addition to heartburn solutions already available without a prescription. Unlike antacids, that temporarily neutralise stomach acid, and other acid reducers, OLEXTM is different – it controls acid production at the source, thereby providing an effective treatment of frequent heartburn. OLEXTM starts to reduce acid production in just a few short hours. Some people will experience complete relief within 24 hours, although for others, it may take three to five days to feel the full effect of OLEXTM.

OLEXTM provides 24-hour heartburn relief, is well tolerated and offers convenient dosing with one pill a day for 14 days. Non-prescription omeprazole delayed-release tablets have been available in the USA for more than 10 years. In Canada, pharmacists are very familiar with omeprazole as it has been available by prescription for many years. OLEXTM will be available behind the counter, so if you are looking for OLEXTM, simply ask your pharmacist.

OLEX: A helpful guide
At, heartburn sufferers can access a wealth of information about heartburn, its causes and treatment. The website includes an interactive questionnaire that assesses your heartburn and produces a report you can print and take to your pharmacist. By discussing your heartburn symptoms and your lifestyle, you and your pharmacist can choose the best course of action for you.

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