Pendopharm is proud to launch an alcohol-free Antigingivitis Oral Rinse

Pendopharm, a division of Pharmascience Inc., is pleased to introduce PrPERICHLOR® WITHOUT ALCOHOL, a new alcohol-free formulation of its gingivitis mouthwash.

PrPERICHLOR® WITHOUT ALCOHOL is indicated for use as part of a professional program for the treatment of moderate to severe gingivitis, and for management of associated gingival bleeding and inflammation between dental visits.

“At Pendopharm, we strive to commercialize products that meet the specific needs of our Canadian patients. I am proud to announce the launch of an alcohol-free formulation of PrPERICHLOR® and thank the team for their hard work in getting this product on the market,” said Jad Isber, Vice President and General Manager at Pendopharm.


Established in 2010, Pendopharm is the branded specialty division of Pharmascience Inc. We are a leading Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing, in-licensing and commercializing innovative products. Pendopharm is committed to providing patients and the healthcare community with innovative medicines that address unmet medical needs.  Our portfolio of branded products is focused on four core therapeutic areas, where we have proven expertise: Gastroenterology, Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, Neurology and Cardiology.  In addition, we have a portfolio of established medicines, offering more than 40 specialty products across multiple therapeutic areas.

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Perichlor® is a trademark owned by Finchley Research and Development Inc., used under licence by Pendopharm, a division of Pharmascience Inc.