Nasal Care

PENDOPHARM nasal care products are formulated to provide relief for a broad spectrum of nasal conditions that can affect one’s ability to breathe properly. For adults and for children, some of our nasal care products feature natural-source medicinal ingredients, for gentle relief of a stuffy, runny or dry nose.

  • Rhinaris Nasal Gel

    Rhinaris® Nasal Gel helps moisturize and lubricate dry and stuffy noses. It is formulated to provide long-lasting relief from dry nasal passages caused by low humidity environments.

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  • Rhinaris Nozoil

    Rhinaris® Nozoil® works to moisturize severely dry, irritated noses, helping to prevent the formation of uncomfortable, crusty build-up in the nostrils.

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  • Secaris

    Secaris® is used for the temporary relief of dryness and irritation within the nose, and for the relief of stuffiness and sneezing caused by hay fever or other allergies, colds or sinus trouble.

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