Challenging convention takes courage, commitment and above all, an open mind. Better yet: an entire company of open minds, working hand-in-hand with health care professionals, pharmacists and patients. A group of people willing to say “why not?” and to answer the question, not with a reckless leap, but one step at a time, one relationship at a time, one advance at a time.

Proving that pharma can generate change by listening, responding and reinventing. By understanding the importance of being agile. By coming together to take on the challenges of a specialty market as a team, where open minds think alike.

Welcome to PENDOPHARM.

  • Allergy

    The antihistaminic products produced by PENDOPHARM provide relief from the discomfort of allergies, including stuffiness, sneezing, coughing or pruritus.

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  • Analgesics

    PENDOPHARM produces a comprehensive range of over-the-counter and behind-the-counter analgesic products that target pain and inflammation.

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  • Cough, Cold & Sinus

    The cough, cold and sinus line from PENDOPHARM comprises products that treat cough and provide nasal relief, both important factors in feeling better while living with a cold, cough or allergy.

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  • Gastroenterology

    PENDOPHARM offers a wide variety of over-the-counter (OTC), behind-the-counter (BTC) and prescription products that address a range of gastrointestinal conditions requiring intervention.

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  • Nasal Care

    PENDOPHARM nasal care products are formulated to provide relief for a broad spectrum of nasal conditions that can affect one’s ability to breathe properly.

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  • Orthopedics

    Monovisc® and Orthovisc® are hyaluronic acid (HA) supplements for the treatment of pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee, marketed by PENDOPHARM.

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  • Pediatrics

    PENDOPHARM recognizes that children have different needs from adults, which translates to different formulations and different dosing considerations.

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  • Urology

    Urological problems can present in children as well as adult females and males. PENDOPHARM offers a topical anaesthetic/antiseptic gel formulation for urological procedures.

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  • Others

    PENDOPHARM also offers over-the-counter and behind-the-counter products that address a variety of health conditions.

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